Fresh cuts: King Krule – Easy Easy

Man like King Krule has just dropped knowledge of his forthcoming album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon – it’s welcome news indeed! His 2011 EP hit all the sweet spots for me, so let the hype commence. Along with the album info we have been treated to the opening cut off the record: the crackling badman crooner Easy Easy – hitting the zone with charismatic guitar lines and the man’s ruff, unmistakable voice dancing down a moody crossroad. TIP!

6 Feet Beneath the Moon drops August 24, on True Panther / XL Records.


Anticipation hotline: New Panda Bear!

One of my all-time favorite musicians is a man by the name of Noah Lennox; better known as his furry sample-slinging, melody alchemist animal-persona Panda Bear. Panda Bear often operates in psychedelic unison with Animal Collective, a group who have singlehandedly bestowed some of my favorite records upon this earth – hello Merriweather Post Pavilion. When I first heard Panda Bear’s music, solo-record style, I was riding a humid buss up California State Route 1: the waves of the pacific ocean rolling in outside my sun-filled window spot to the blissful resonance of the incredible album Person Pitch. That’s the kind of material that defining musical experiences are made of. So when something new from Panda Bear emerges from the depths of the crystal galaxy sound-space you know it’s a big deal. Last time this happened was with 2011’s amazing Tomboy. I went about my life with a exited smirk across my face for four months straight. Pretty psychotic – it was, in a charming way.

Now the man is back at it again: conducting live performances of brand new material, undoubtedly pointing towards a new record. And bwoy does this, by the sounds of the initial shaky youtube clips, sound promising! He’s right on top of his melody game as always, this time a new-found bouncy vibe is in effect, cutting through the bliss; booming beats flex the muscles for the dance, in tandem with eclectic samples dancing across the atmosphere. Look on top to find a medley of several new cuts, and below you’ll find clips of even more new gems. Gonna be a big one this! Big up to the Panda each and every!

Fresh cuts: Joey Bada$$ – Amethyst Rockstar

Aye, it’s New York don Joey Bada$$ going in on a rockin’ new joint, produced by the one and only Doom. Joey Bada$$, and his partner in crime Kirk Knight, slices through Doom’s spacey break-beat fusion with deadly rhymes and lyrical attitude, all delivered proper with razor sharp, neck-snapping flows. It’s dope, boi!

Joey Bada$$’ forthcoming EP Summer Knights is out July 1.

Video of the day: JJ Doom – Bookhead

The metal face villain is at it again; dropping the video for the JJ Doom cut Bookhead. The video finds Doom trading his characteristic mutated gladiator mask for a rounded mirror, to amusing and tripped-out effect, while laying low in a sunken bookstore. The cut is really sweet as well, mixing Doom’s cosmic rhyme shenanigans with Jneiro Janel’s space traveling beat maneuvers to a fine blend of dopeness. Aight!

Julianna Barwick – One Half

Julianna Barwick is also prepping the release of a new album, and has been so kind as to share the beautiful new cut One Half with the world. It’s a atmospheric costal scene of a track, with Barwick’s layered vocals soaring through the skies and the washing shores, painting the landscape in serene colors. Chamber-pop brilliance of the highest order – TIP!

Nepenthe is out August 20, on Dead Oceans.

Washed Out – It All Feels Right

Washed Out is set to return with a fresh record, Paracosm, on Sub Pop this August and by the sound of It All Feels Right it’s going to be a lush ride indeed. The track features Ernest Greene’s dozy and quite endearing vocals gliding on top of a silky bed of glistening synths and some beautiful string sections. The man is coming through with a more nuanced soundscape and developed production on this one – it’s a really strong look. Late-summer pool crew; your soundtrack is ready and it is sounding mint!

Paracosm is out August 13, on Sub Pop.


Fresh cuts: Boddika

Oy, it’s the Boddika in beast-mode transmissions from the depths of the Swamp81. The man got a vinyl double-pack in the works for the label, consisting of four brand new rugged killers. Two of the tracks are confirmed to be Steam and Black, while the tracks Crack and Heat are rumored to be the two remaining cuts. You can find clips of Steam and Black over at Boddika’s soundcloud, so here we’ve decided to let loose Crack and Heat. Crack, above, finds the man in untouchable form, rolling out on a fierce bass workout punctuated by shady electronic flutters and promiscuous vocal interference. Heat, below, continues the ominous basement trip with added sensual female pressure for effect. Big things!

Steam / Black / Crack / Heat is set to drop on Swamp81 in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for further info.